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USA Onshoring: Bringing jobs to rural America

American urban labor is expensive compared to offshore and USA rural labor. While very large companies have the dedicated personnel and financial resources to ensure that their offshore outsourcing projects are successful; large-, mid-, and small-entities do not. Thus, the majority fails to achieve the desired financial savings from offshoring. These smaller-sized companies are seeking an alternative that: 1) saves them money when compared to the alternative of USA urban labor, and 2) enables them not to deal with the hidden costs and risk of communication barriers, IP protection, and quality control issues associated with offshoring.

Up until now, business executives have had three choices when considering outsourcing: (1) do nothing and keep it in house, (2) outsource to expensive urban vendors or (3) outsource to lower cost companies offshore. Now we have a fourth option.

Just as the bestselling book “The World is Flat” has opened up the world to the opportunities of outsourcing Information Technology and Business Processes offshore, recent developments in open source tools and the wide spread availability of broadband technology has opened up an opportunity to outsource the same type of work back to virtual business teams based across rural America.

We start with open source tools and develop custom extension to create a virtual office experience that brings rural talent together into an online office. Couple that with Lean processes design and real time project management and you have a world class team of software professional available to you without the traditional costs of brick and mortar organizations. We don’t care whether the team members are on Lake Michigan, the Smokey Mountains or the Florida Panhandle, this innovation allows them to work as one seamless virtual team. We tie the entire business from our sales team down to the development centers into a virtual enterprise.

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