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Company to Hire More Rural Based Professionals due to Increasing Number of Government Projects

TWO RIVERS, WI (October 6th, 2009) – Rural America Onshore Sourcing of Two
Rivers has been certified as a minority-owned business by the State of Wisconsin
Department of Commerce. Rural America specializes in providing companies with lower
cost outsourcing services in the United States at savings of 25 to 40 percent over the cost
of more expensive urban areas and without the risks associated with taking that work
The minority owned certification makes Rural America eligible for a five percent bid
preference on state purchasing contracts in an effort by the State to increase opportunities
for minority firms to sell their products and services to the State of Wisconsin. It also
makes the company eligible for technical and marketing assistance.
Christopher Hytry Derrington, CEO of Rural America, says it took six months of work to
achieve the certification. “It’s a rigorous process, as it should be,” he said. Hytry
Derrington added that the office of State Representative Ted Zigmunt provided the
company with valuable assistance. “He and his staff were very helpful in helping us
through the process and they’ve been supportive as we’ve been growing our operations in
Wisconsin since expanding here in the summer of 2009.”
Rural America currently has Business Development Centers in Wisconsin, Ohio and
Kentucky with expansion to 19 more states by end of 2011. Marty Gardocki, Vice
President, says the minority designation gives Rural America even more advantages to
help keep jobs in America and continue its expansion in Wisconsin. “We hire people in
rural areas rather than sending that work overseas to China or India, or to big cities in the
U.S. where labor is much more expensive. We also offer an attractive alternative to the
growing number of companies that are taking work back from foreign vendors due to
concerns over cost and quality.”
Hytry Derrington noted that onshore outsourcing, often called “onshoring”, continues to
be a growing trend in corporate America. “Companies are trying to cut their labor costs
by outsourcing their non-core work and many back office functions like information
technology. We can help them get that work done for less by using rural professionals,
and keep those jobs here in the United States. Delta Airlines and Sallie Mae are two large
companies that have recently cancelled overseas outsourcing agreements.”
Rural America offers services in a wide range of expertise that companies are getting
from urban and offshore providers:

 Custom Software Design/Development
 Web/ Social Media /SEO
 Business Intelligence Services
 QA Testing & Test Automation
 ERP Implementation Services
 Legacy Maintenance & Support
 Program/ Project Management
 Document Management Services
 Interactive Market Research
 Data Processing
 Business Process Optimization
About Rural America Onshore Sourcing
Rural America Onshore Sourcing is a USA-leading onshoring company. It has state
headquarters and Business Development offices in Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Ohio and
plans for expansion to 19 more states by end of 2011. A minority owned company, Rural
America Onshore Sourcing enables customers to cut their project and labor costs by up to
40 percent. Rural America Onshore Sourcing provides information technology and
business process outsourcing services using lower cost rural-based professionals so that
companies don’t have to send projects offshore or use expensive urban vendors. More
information is available at http://www.ruralamericaonshore.com/.
For further information, contact: Christopher Hytry Derrington, 888-884-4348, or
Chris@RuralAmericaonshore.com, http://www.ruralamericaonshore.com/